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These associations, resources, and knowledge bodies are here to help you through your walking journey.

Nordic Walking Houston

American Nordic Walking Association

ANWA is the accrediting body for Nordic Walking in the US. It trains instructors, refers interested individuals to instructors, classes, and seminars in their area, and is a resource for research on the sport.
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Preferred Walking Equipment

The right equipment ensures a pleasant, effective walking experience. A range of poles from basic models to lightweight professional styles are available for purchase from the American Nordic Walking Association or from your instructor directly. Your instructor can advise on what will work best for you.

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NWH in the News

In 2023, Houston Nordic Walking will be a partner in the Fit Houston #WALK30 health campaign. This community wellness movement creates a pathway for organization leaders, families, and individuals to “Take the Healthy Pledge” and inspire others to walk for 30 minutes each day, and to share their social and physical walking experience on social media. Built on Fit Houston’s strategy of facilitating free physical activity available in every community, focusing on wellness built on cultural empathy, #WALK30 is also supported by the Texas Heart Institute, which recognizes walking as vital to cardiovascular health, mental well-being, and overall health.

Additional Great References

How Nordic Walking Can Improve Your Overall Fitness (Next Avenue)


“Unlike regular walking, adding the rhythmic motion of swinging and pushing off with Nordic poles works the body more strenuously. Research has found that Nordic pole walking uses 90 percent of a walker's muscles, conditioning the upper and lower body and burning almost as many calories as jogging. But, unlike jogging, Nordic walking is low impact on the joints, which makes it especially appealing to people over 50.”

What is Nordic Walking? (International Nordic Walking Association)

“Nordic walking is a safe, natural, dynamic, efficient, and suitable-for-all form of physical activity that trains the body in a holistic, symmetrical and balanced way.” 

Nordic Walking for Health and Safety (CNN)

Fitness Trend: Nordic Walking (Harvard Medical School)

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