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What is Nordic Walking?

Nordic Walking is a fun, low-impact, highly effective full-body exercise that can be enjoyed either socially or solo, anywhere you can put one foot in front of the other!

Originally developed in Finland for cross-country skiers to stay fit in summer, Nordic Walking is great for anyone and especially suitable for persons in middle or older age, or those who have concerns about joints, balance, or injury. Nordic Walking has been proven in research studies to be a comprehensive modality that exercises 90% of the major muscle groups, burns up to 40% more calories than regular walking, and provides the benefits of socializing in nature…all while being easy on the joints. Requiring just special walking poles, a good pair of shoes, and comfortable clothing, Nordic Walking does all this with a minimal investment in equipment and training.

Popular in Europe since the 1970's, Nordic walking is now gaining recognition in the States. Join Nordic Walking Houston to discover this fun sport here in H-town! Get fit, meet new people, and feel great…while enjoying the restorative beauty of our streets, parks, and bayou trails in a new way.

Come walk with us!

Nordic Walking uses poles for a cross-country skiing fitness effect. A typical one-hour session begins with warm-up stretches, then we head out walking through parks or neighborhoods. We enjoy being in nature with trees, breeze, water, the land, and the sky. Our walk is interspersed with brief cardio and core workouts using our poles. We end with theraband work and a quiet cool-down. Wear comfortable clothing for a walking workout and bring water. At your complimentary first session, use of poles is free. All levels of fitness and experience are welcome -- you will learn Nordic Walking technique from the instructor.

Meet Rachel

Rachel Dvoretzky is certified by the American Nordic Walking Association as an Advanced Level Instructor. A hiker, city traveller, and past marathon walker, she is committed to improving individual and community well-being through Nordic Walking. Rachel is a native Houstonian and earned a B.A. from Rice University.

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